How to Avoid Ghosting When Carrying Out Concrete Repairs

Concrete ghosting refers to the formation of shadows and dark lines and patches when you apply a fresh concrete mix or coating over an old concrete structure. Concrete ghosting is common during repairs, concrete coating, and resealing, and it can significantly affect the appearance and appeal of the structure. It occurs due to alterations in the cement paste such as the water-cement ratio, aggregate segregation, and other issues that can affect how the concrete mix cures during repairs.

2 Charming Cast Concrete Features To Consider For Your Garden

When you think of concrete, charming isn't likely to be a word that immediately springs to mind. Concrete is best known for its strength and practicality, not its good looks, but it's becoming increasingly popular as a decorative material both inside the house and in the garden. Concrete contractors can help transform outdoor spaces in particular. If you're looking for a durable and versatile material to use to create some new hard landscaping and features in your garden, then here are two attractive and charming ideas using concrete that you might like to try.

3 Design Features of Water Tanks

Are you planning to design and construct your own water storage tank? Read on and discover some of the important issues that you should consider as you design that tank. Storage Capacity It is important for you to think about how much water you would like to store in that tank. Start by estimating how much water each member of your household uses in a day. Total up the daily water requirements of the family.

Cutting Edge: The Benefits Of Having Your Concrete Driveway Cut Using Wet Cutting Methods

Concrete's immense durability and longevity are tremendously well suited to driveway construction, but no concrete driveway lasts forever, and pulling up an aged, degraded concrete driveway before replacing it can be a challenge. Some homeowners choose to have their driveways removed using pneumatic drills, excavators and other pieces of heavy equipment, but these methods can create powerful vibrations that damage nearby foundations and structures, so many homeowners choose to have their disused driveways cut for ease of disposal.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete: Versatile, Beautiful and Practical

Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the most stunning features you can add to your home or business. Not only is it beautiful, it is highly functional. If beauty and originality are qualities you seek for your concrete surfaces, exposed aggregate concrete is the way to go. How It's Made Exposed aggregate concrete is made by pouring the concrete and removing the top 'skin' to reveal the texture underneath, either the natural texture (rocks and stones) or a decorative texture you added during the mixing stage.