Considerations for an Exposed Aggregate Driveway

Are you thinking of installing exposed aggregate on your driveway? If so, here are some considerations to bear in mind. Difference From Standard Concrete You may wonder how exposed aggregate differs from grey concrete. Standard concrete consists of cement and aggregates, such as sand and stones, which are inside and barely visible. The difference with exposed aggregate is that it has more embellishments like pebbles, crushed shells and glass. Additionally, after the concrete mix is poured into place, a thin top layer of cement is carefully washed away to uncover the aggregates.

Residential Driveways: 3 Reasons To Choose Exposed Aggregate Concrete Over Asphalt

If you are a car-driving homeowner who needs to install a new driveway on your property, asphalt is one of the most popular and widely-used driveway materials. However, if you want your new driveway to be both practical and visually distinctive, consider having an exposed aggregate concrete driveway installed by a reputable concreting service.  Exposed aggregate concrete is a unique type of concrete, and has many advantages over both asphalt driveways and driveways made from conventional concrete.

Benefits of Installing Polished Concrete in Your Kitchen

If you want a unique floor for your kitchen, why not consider polished concrete? Here are several benefits. Light and Bright Polished concrete is created by buffing a concrete slab with diamond grits. Contractors use progressively finer grits to polish the floor to a glass-like finish. Thus, the flooring will reflect light around the kitchen, making it appear airier. The shine also gives the floor dimension and depth due to the subtle reflections on the surface.

Reasons to Consider a Concrete Retaining Wall in Your Yard

A concrete retaining wall offers a solution to a hilly garden, as you can use these barriers to create level tiers. It also provides decorative options. Consider the following reasons to construct one of these hardscape features on your property. Increase Useable Areas A sloping garden forms an appealing environment in one sense, as the landscape is full of dimensions and different levels. However, the problem is that large parts of the yard often may not be practical to use.

Reasons Why Exposed Aggregate Is Popular for Driveways

While standard grey concrete is sturdy, it doesn't decorate the front yard like other paving options. However, you don't have to turn to materials other than concrete to find something colourful. Just spread exposed aggregate over the area. Consider the following reasons this surface is so popular for driveways. Decorative Standard concrete consists of cement mixed with sand and gravel, which is poured out to form a grey slab. Exposed aggregate concrete is different.