Benefits of Installing Polished Concrete in Your Kitchen

If you want a unique floor for your kitchen, why not consider polished concrete? Here are several benefits.

Light and Bright

Polished concrete is created by buffing a concrete slab with diamond grits. Contractors use progressively finer grits to polish the floor to a glass-like finish. Thus, the flooring will reflect light around the kitchen, making it appear airier. The shine also gives the floor dimension and depth due to the subtle reflections on the surface.

Contractors can stop when the floor shows a subtle sheen or when it's highly polished, so you can choose the shine level you want for the kitchen. Concrete flooring doesn't feature seams like other options such as tiles or planks, so it creates a sleek look in the kitchen.

Extra Floor Material

Another benefit of this flooring option is that it can be applied to a concrete slab already in place, so long as it's in sound condition. Thus, you don't have to purchase other flooring materials like planks or tiles to lay on top of the concrete subfloor. Contractors can also pour new cement and polish it.

Colour Options

Polished concrete floors offer plenty of design options. As well as choosing the sheen level, you can select the concrete colour. You could opt for grey concrete filled with stones. Once the floor is smoothed and polished, these pebbles create patterns and give the flooring a natural look. You can add different coloured rocks in blues, greys, or creams.

Contractors can also add pigments to newly mixed cement or apply colour treatments to the surface. You could give the floor an earthy red or brown tint. It's easy to pick out other hues in the kitchen and coordinate the flooring with the overall palette.

Suits Diverse Aesthetics

This flooring also works in diverse aesthetics. You can install it in a traditional kitchen to channel natural stone tiles, as polished concrete has the same organic feel. It also suits industrial and modern decors because it's seamless and free of visual clutter. Thus, you can likely redecorate your kitchen in the future and retain the same flooring.


Polished concrete is also durable and long-lasting. The polishing process makes the floor less porous and more stain resistant. Simply clean it with a damp mop to keep it clean. Ask your contractors about sealant options that can increase traction and give the concrete a better grip.

For more information about polished concrete, contact a concrete company in your area.