Reasons to Consider a Concrete Retaining Wall in Your Yard

A concrete retaining wall offers a solution to a hilly garden, as you can use these barriers to create level tiers. It also provides decorative options. Consider the following reasons to construct one of these hardscape features on your property.

Increase Useable Areas

A sloping garden forms an appealing environment in one sense, as the landscape is full of dimensions and different levels. However, the problem is that large parts of the yard often may not be practical to use.

A retaining wall that carves flat levels into a slope will increase the areas you can access and enjoy. On the new flat plots of land, you could plant a vegetable garden or grow a luscious lawn area to lounge on. Other options include an outdoor terrace or just extra gardening space.

Increase the Garden's Health

By creating more flat spaces in the garden, you'll increase its overall health. Rain tends to rush down slopes, and this can drag off nutrient-rich topsoil. Additionally, the rain doesn't have time to soak in and nourish the soil if it's pouring down an incline. The areas at the bottom of the hill may be overwatered and soggy as well. A more level garden will be healthier overall, and it will consistently acheive better rain absorption in the right amounts.

Preserve Buildings

You might plan to build a retaining wall to protect your buildings from flooding. If rain pools at the bottom of a hill, it can swamp nearby structures and destabilise the earth. The concrete foundation slabs of buildings rely on stable soil, so flooding can eventually cause structural problems if the ground is compromised.

Decorative Options

You can create different looks with concrete retaining walls. Concrete can be textured and coloured to mimic other substances or left grey. For a rustic appearance, use faux-timber concrete sleepers and combine them with several boulders and flowers to evoke the look of a wild overgrown garden. You can also create a sculptured look using square-cut sandstone-look blocks and lay them in straight lines. Another possibility is to cover the wall in cement render, which will allow you to precisely match its colour to your house or paving. Concrete can withstand all kinds of weather and hold back large mounds of soil. It won't rot or warp as real timber sleepers can. Nor will a concrete retaining wall pose a danger to your home by becoming infested with termites.