Reasons Why Exposed Aggregate Is Popular for Driveways

While standard grey concrete is sturdy, it doesn't decorate the front yard like other paving options. However, you don't have to turn to materials other than concrete to find something colourful. Just spread exposed aggregate over the area. Consider the following reasons this surface is so popular for driveways.


Standard concrete consists of cement mixed with sand and gravel, which is poured out to form a grey slab. Exposed aggregate concrete is different. It contains extra aggregates, that is, stones and pebbles. Additionally, after the paving has hardened somewhat but not entirely, the top cement is brushed or washed off to reveal the aggregates.

Thus, you can combine whatever colourful stones you prefer. Choose reds, yellows, blues, or creams. As well as mixing and matching colours, you can add pigments to the cement itself. Thus, these driveways present a speckled and textured surface that you can harmonize with the exterior walls and garden. Creatively control the paving with aggregate choice and cement colour, even adding elements like seashells and coloured glass pieces.


Once the concreters wash off the topmost cement, the aggregates jut out from the paving to add texture. This creates a safe driveway that reduces slipping accidents. If your driveway slopes or you live in a region with high rainfall, exposed aggregate will be particularly helpful in improving the safety of your property.


Concrete is sturdy and well able to carry the load of your cars. The installers will choose an appropriate strength depending on what vehicles will be driving over the paving. For instance, if you have a heavy truck, they'll lay more robust concrete, possibly reinforced with steel meshing inside the cement. In addition, a higher ratio of crushed stones typically will make the paving even stronger. Thus, you can be confident that the driveway will withstand your vehicles going over the surface for many years.

Low Maintenance

You might also appreciate that exposed aggregate is low maintenance, and it won't require you to spend your weekends on upkeep. After the exposed aggregate is initially laid, contractors will seal it to protect it from the elements. After that, it will need sealing every couple of years or so as recommended.

Besides that, however, the driveway will look after itself. The pebble colours and textures also help to disguise oil leak's or spills. And because the paving forms a continuous surface, it won't allow weeds to sprout and create work. Instead, all you'll need to do is splash the driveway with a garden hose or use a leaf blower or broom.