Are you looking for a better kerbing solution?

Whether you are installing a path, a driveway, or an entire landscaped area, you must have a way of delineating the different sections of the space. The most effective means of clearly marking a boundary is to install kerbing or edging. Kerbing improves the appearance of an area, but it does much more than that. Kerbing prevents grass and weeds from transferring from a garden to the path, and it helps prevent the path from suffering cracks or chipping.

What material is best for kerbing?

When you think through your options for kerbing, there is one that stands out. You could pick steel or wooden kerbing for your project, but these come with significant disadvantages. In particular, they can deteriorate over time and require maintenance work. They might even complete replacement after prolonged exposure to the elements. A better option is to install concrete kerbing, which looks beautiful and has many other benefits. Here are three reasons why concrete kerbing could be the right choice for the border on your project.

Concrete kerbing can be customized

You might think that all kerbing is similar, but it doesn't have to be. There are certainly times when you want kerbing that seamlessly matches its surroundings, but there could also be times when you want something different. When you want to stand out from the crowd, why not consider a different colour of concrete kerbing or something with an unusual pattern? Concrete kerbing is available in plenty of different designs and styles, so it should be easy to find just the type of kerbing that will suit your project.

Concrete kerbing can be installed quickly

Some kerbing requires extensive preparatory work before it is moved into position, but concrete kerbing can be installed rapidly without spending hours preparing the site in advance. A fast installation means reduced labour costs and less time spent on that phase of the project.

Concrete kerbing is durable

Perhaps, the most convincing argument for the installation of concrete kerbing is its durability. Concrete kerbing will last for years without deteriorating. Concrete kerbing is also resistant to impact damage, which means it can be used anywhere, from a path that will endure constant footfall to a road that sees heavy use from traffic every day.

To learn more about how concrete kerbing could benefit your project, talk to your local concrete contractor today. They can explain what options are available to your project and how you can employ them on your site.