Reasons to Restore the Brickwork on Your Home

If you love your home but are worried because the external brickwork seems to be decaying, you could get it revived. Brick restoration can provide a range of aesthetic and structural benefits. Here are several reasons to consider such an upgrade.

Stabilise the Walls

Restoring your brickwork stabilises the walls. Over time, the mortar encasing the bricks tends to crumble and fall away. If this deterioration goes too far, it can unsettle the wall, which can even start to bow. Repointing is a process whereby contractors remove a percentage of the decayed mortar and inject fresh mortar in its place. Doing this will add support to the bricks and prolong the wall's life. 

Enhance the Curb View

Restoring brickwork will also improve a home's curb view. You can try cosmetic upgrades such as painting window trim, for example, and other jobs in vain, but if the bricks look old and fragile, superficial fixes won't camouflage the external walls' state. Tuckpointing not only restores the mortar, but it creates a beautiful clean brickwork pattern. The injected mortar is coloured the same hue as the bricks. Then, along the centre, a thin contrasting grout-line colour is applied. This process creates sharp straight lines along the mortar and disguises uneven, crumbly brick edges by creating an optical illusion.

Increase Sale Value

Restoring the brickwork on your home will likely enhance its value, and if you're selling the property, buyers will have the assurance of a major upgrade completed. If you own a heritage building, the bricks may simply need a clean to wash away years of pollution and grime that have embedded in the walls. Contractors can undertake a gentle pressure wash using special formulas to bring the classic brickwork back to a beautiful condition.

Protect the Walls from Moisture Problems

Eroding mortar can allow rainwater to permeate the brickwork, possibly causing moisture damage and triggering even more deterioration. Mould and mildew can take hold as a result on both the inside and outside of the wall. By replacing the old mortar, the brickwork will once again be waterproof and impenetrable.

Thus, restoring your home's bricks will ensure its integrity and create a beautiful façade that will improve the overall curb view. You can halt further decay and protect the building from moisture damage. If you're considering selling your home, restoring the brickwork will offer both structural and aesthetic benefits that will likely appeal to potential buyers. 

For more information, contact a brick restoration service.