What Do You Need to Focus on When Laying Concrete Slab?

If you are planning to convert an outside space to something that is more practical and easier to maintain, then you may be thinking about adding a concrete slab. This can be hard-wearing and a good fit for almost any purpose, but you've got to make sure that it is installed properly and with great care. What do you need to know about the process involved?

Careful Installation

To create a concrete slab, cement and water need to come together under regulated conditions so that the proper form of chemical reaction takes place. This may take some careful preparation and will need your close attention if the end result is going to be acceptable.

Curing Stages

There are several different stages involved, and each phase must be carefully monitored to ensure that the concrete is curing properly. This will involve temperature regulation and the solution itself has to be kept within certain parameters.

Assuming that it is neither too cold nor too hot, you will need to add the right amount of water at certain points of the work. As you do so, you will notice that some of this water will bleed towards the top and will eventually evaporate but is important to add back a certain amount of water as well, or the outcome may not be acceptable.

Extra Care

Remember that as the concrete begins to dry, a certain amount of water will naturally evaporate. It is crucial to keep the moisture level up until the concrete has set correctly as otherwise it may tend to crack and will eventually fail. Still, you may be able to keep the proper amount of water in place following the initial installation, if you apply a sealing product to the top right away. However, this does need to be done with care as well and may require some experience in order to be done correctly.

Worth the Effort

You will want to avoid a substandard installation at all costs, where the concrete is rather brittle or weak. It may not be able to cope with subterranean movements very well in this case and may not take too kindly to any furniture that you may eventually introduce.

Professional Help

To get the job done properly and to ensure that your new patio project is first class, you may be better off talking with professional concrete contractors. They can install concrete slabs for you and may offer advice if you attempt to do the job yourself.