Concrete Pump Safety Problems You Should Know

Concrete pumping offers a fast and economical way of placing concrete on any construction job. Although this procedure is efficient, it's not without danger—sometimes numerous hazards may present themselves. To stay safe, consider the following tips.

Planning ahead aids safe placements

You need to consider several factors whenever you use a concrete pump to place concrete. First, ensure the location is level and free of debris. You need to create space for two ready-mix concrete trucks to discharge simultaneously. The next factor is the soil condition of the place you'll set up your pump. If some excavation was done in the location, has it been backfilled or compacted properly? Consider checking the drawings to locate such areas and use a trench plate to cover the doubtful area.

You should also address power line locations. If boom extensions come close to the power line, you need to have a designated spotter to warn your operator whenever the boom comes closer to the power lines. Getting into contact with the power line can lead to the deadliest accident. The operator will be in danger as well everyone who is in contact with the pump, like the ready-mix truck driver and placing crew. Any power lines that are close to the washout area are also dangerous.

Consider the crew safety

Whenever a concrete pump is on a site, get a person who will assist the operator as they back up the pump truck. Only one person should be allowed to give directions to the operator regarding the movement of the boom, placement speed or the start or stop of the concrete delivery. Hand signals can also be used to communicate, provided the operator understands. This helps to ensure safe placement if the operator cannot see the placement. Radio contact may also improve communication.

Proper training guarantees safety

A concrete pump operator needs to be highly trained because he or she is responsible for safety in or around the pump. They need to have the required certification. The placing crew and ready-mix driver should also observe safety practices to facilitate successful concrete placement.

Concrete pumping is an effective way of placing concrete, provided all the safety concerns are considered before, during and even after the placement. In case you have any concerns, consider talking to the pumping contractor. You can also ask them to visit the site to assist you with your plan. The experts can help you choose the right equipment for making the pour and recommend the correct area to place the pump.