3 Design Features of Water Tanks

Are you planning to design and construct your own water storage tank? Read on and discover some of the important issues that you should consider as you design that tank.

Storage Capacity

It is important for you to think about how much water you would like to store in that tank. Start by estimating how much water each member of your household uses in a day. Total up the daily water requirements of the family. What is the source of the water that will be stored in the tank? Some tanks hold rainwater while others are refilled by water haulers. Your tank should not be so large that you may never empty it completely. This is because the water may develop an odour if it stays for very long. Design a tank that can be refilled once a week by haulers if necessary.

Alternatively, the tank should just be large enough to contain the rainwater that will take you through the drought until more rain falls. This approach will ensure that you keep water treatment costs low if the tank keeps being emptied just before fresh water is added to it.

Air Vents

The water in your tank can stay fresh for longer if sufficient airflow is maintained within that tank. Vents make it possible for air to flow within a tank. However, care must be taken when designing the vent so that debris and other contaminants don't find their way into the tank. The vent should be elevated from the ground in addition to having a gooseneck opening (an opening facing the ground). Such a vent will do its work without allowing contaminants into the tank.

The Withdrawal Pipe

The withdrawal pipe from which water is taken to your home should not be positioned close to the bottom of your tank. That pipe should be several inches above the bottom so that sediment and any other debris inside the tank stays out of the plumbing system of your home. It is also a good idea to have an access port so that the tank can be cleaned out frequently in order to minimise sediment accumulation.

Your tank will address your needs if you pay sufficient attention to the features above. However, water tanks will only last for a long time if you have the knowledge and skills to construct it using the most appropriate mix of materials for your area. It is therefore advisable for you to involve a water tank expert during the entire process so that the tank that you build will not develop any avoidable issues, such as structural cracks.