Exposed Aggregate Concrete: Versatile, Beautiful and Practical

Exposed aggregate concrete is one of the most stunning features you can add to your home or business. Not only is it beautiful, it is highly functional. If beauty and originality are qualities you seek for your concrete surfaces, exposed aggregate concrete is the way to go.

How It's Made

Exposed aggregate concrete is made by pouring the concrete and removing the top 'skin' to reveal the texture underneath, either the natural texture (rocks and stones) or a decorative texture you added during the mixing stage. This has become a very popular method for driveways, sidewalks, decorative retaining walls and interior floors as well. Aggregate concrete can be highly polished or left in its natural state, depending on the look you are after. Done properly, there is nothing more stunning than an exposed aggregate driveway leading up to a beautifully kept home.

Multiple Uses

Aggregate concrete is not just known for its good looks. The term aggregate simply means there is additive in the concrete to make it stronger, more flexible, more durable and require less maintenance. Most city roadways and highways are made from some type of aggregate concrete and/or asphalt. It isn't as glamorous as decorative exposed aggregate, but it is certainly very reliable when it comes to constructing roadways.

Decorative Versatility

Concrete contractors will offer a wide selection when it comes to choosing a concrete feature for your home or business. There is a wide range of colour pigments, for example. There is also polished concrete, which is used in driveways, decorative retaining and privacy walls, and interior decorating as well. There are so many different concrete options available to consumers right now it may seem overwhelming when it comes time to choose. Your concrete supplier offers all of these choices and more, especially the exposed aggregate concrete, and will assist you in choosing the right one for your property.

Unique Flooring Option

Exposed aggregate is growing in popularity with builders, architects and home owners. It is a beautiful alternative to the traditional poured concrete drive; it is also gorgeous when used as a non-slip finish to patios, pool decks and entryways. Treated concrete flooring done properly won't even resemble concrete at all! Concrete is also affordable, whereas materials like marble or granite may be out of your price range altogether.


Whether you are building a new home or improving an existing property, consider exposed aggregate concrete for the surfaces where most people use boring, grey concrete. Exposed aggregate concrete can add considerable curb appeal to your home or business property, thus increasing its value exponentially.