Why Concrete Floors Are the Ideal Choice for a Warehouse Building

Building a warehouse where you can stock your merchandise before transporting it to various commercial and retail outlets is a great way to ensure efficient inventory management. One of the most critical surfaces of any warehouse is the floor. The flooring system takes the most beating from normal warehouse traffic. Therefore, warehouse floors should be built strong enough to bear up against the constant use (and occasional abuse) for a long time.

Concrete is a common choice of building material for many warehouse floor installation projects performed across Australia and many other parts of the world. Keep reading on to find out why concrete flooring is favoured for warehouse buildings:

Concrete floors are hard-wearing.

With the constant movement of people and vehicles at warehouse buildings, warehouse floors are subjected to heavy traffic. If warehouse floors are not built strong enough to bear up against the constant use (and occasional abuse), they won't last for long.

Thanks to its remarkable reserve of strength, concrete makes a perfect choice of material for warehouse floor installation. Hardened concrete offers excellent impact resistance, resulting in durable flooring systems despite the heavy traffic.

Concrete floors can improve warehouse safety.

For warehouse managers, ensuring the safety of workers is vital. Slippery warehouse floors pose a serious threat to the safety of warehouse staff. For that reason, it is essential to install slip-resistant floors in warehouse buildings.

Concrete floors come in a range of different surface finishes to ensure they are completely safe to walk on. There are various types of special coatings (such as epoxy flooring) and anti-slip additives (such as silica sand and polymer grit) that can be used to make concrete floors safe to use in industrial facilities like warehouses, which often experience heavy foot traffic. 

Concrete floors can prove to be an energy-efficient choice.

For warehouses that intend to install in-floor heating systems to help keep building interiors warm, concrete is an ideal choice of floor construction material. Concrete floors have a remarkable ability to retain heat, thanks to their superior thermal mass properties. Hence, people working in warehouse buildings can keep feeling warm several hours after the heating system has been turned off. This can result in huge energy savings.

When it comes to installing floor surfaces that will be subjected to the warehouse, it is easy to see why concrete floors fit the bill. So contact a reputable commercial building contractor when you are ready to install your warehouse floors.