3 Steps To Take To Prepare Your Concrete Floor For An Epoxy Coating

Concrete flooring has become a popular and stylish choice for many Australian homeowners. It's a cost-effective, functional and durable way to achieve a contemporary and attractive look in the home. Transforming your old concrete floor is an easy process that involves coating the concrete in an epoxy based resin that seals and colours the concrete. Before the epoxy coating is applied, here are three steps you'll need to take to prepare your concrete

1. Seal any cracks

Older concrete that has been well worn or unsealed for many years may be showing some signs of wear and tear. Cracking is a common issue and any cracks in your concrete should be repaired prior to application of the epoxy coating. It is possible to complete the crack repair on your own but for a thorough and professional job, it's better to leave it your concrete contractor.

Concrete crack repairs involve injecting an epoxy or polyurethane liquid into the cracks. As the liquid sets, it fills the cracks and binds the concrete back together. Crack sealing not only fixes the cracks, it also prevents further cracking or damage that may result in more costly repairs or complete replacement of the concrete down the track.

2. Grind the surface

Another problem that's commonly seen in older concrete is an uneven surface. This may be the result of damage, continual wear of certain areas or concrete that was poorly and unevenly applied when it was poured. Your concrete contractor can use specialised grinding machinery to ensure that the surface of your new floor is perfectly level before the epoxy coating is applied.

Another reason you might like to grind the surface is to expose the aggregate in the concrete. Aggregate is the small pieces of stone or gravel that act as a binding element in the concrete mix. Grinding the surface of your concrete exposes and polishes the aggregate, producing an attractive and interesting finish for your concrete floor.

3. Thoroughly clean the concrete

The final step involved in preparing your concrete is to ensure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned. The epoxy coating will bind more effectively to the concrete surface if it isn't contaminated with dust, debris or dirt.

Cleaning should also involve the removal of any stains caused by water, oils or chemicals. If not, the stains will be amplified and sealed in once the epoxy coating is applied. For stubborn stains, your concrete contractor may need to either sand the surface or use an acid based product to remove the stain.