4 Uses of Precast Concrete

Precast concrete can be used for a wide variety of construction jobs. Precast concrete blocks are made by pouring fresh concrete into a reusable mould. The concrete is then cured under strict environmental conditions to ensure it sets properly. Once the concrete has been cured, the mould can be removed, and the precast concrete blocks can be transported to the work site. Below is a guide to some uses of precast concrete blocks.

Agricultural buildings

Due to their durability and low price, precast concrete blocks are ideal for use in the agricultural sector. Agricultural buildings must withstand extreme weather conditions such as baking summer heat and winter storms. If they are used to construct cattle feeding stations or watering troughs, they must also be able to withstand the force of the large livestock which will crash into and press against the walls.

Utility services

Precast concrete is also an ideal construction material for the utility industry. Structures which are often made using precast concrete include gas and electrical systems, telecommunication line stations and the base of street lights, transformer pads and exchange boxes. Because these structures are often buried underground, it is important that precast concrete is completely safe and inert and will not pollute the natural environment.

Funeral homes

The funeral home industry relies heavily on precast concrete. Precast concrete is used in the construction of underground values and mausoleums. The fact that concrete provides a water and air tight seal means that the funeral director can be confident that the remains of the deceased will be kept in optimum conditions. Precast concrete may also be used to construct the base of headstones which are constructed above ground.

Hazardous storage

Precast concrete silos are often used in heavy industry to store hazardous material such as radioactive waste, acids and heavy metals. Precast silos can be cast using moulds of different thicknesses to provide the correct level of protection to the workforce. Because precast concrete silos are shipped in ready-made parts, they are very easy to construct on site and can be easily modified to suit the needs of any particular business or industry. The strength of precast concrete also helps to guard against accidental leaks caused by accidents or natural disasters.

If you would like further information about the many ways you can use precast concrete blocks, you should contact a concrete contractor today. A contractor will be happy to discuss your needs before offering further help and advice.