Benefits of Concrete Kerbing Over Traditional Landscape Edging

If you are considering landscaping your lawn and your driveway, then you may be looking at edging options. The traditional options are generally landscaping timbers, mulch, or flowers. However, these methods tend to lead to washout or drainage issues that may cause your landscape to look unfinished or washed out. If this is the case, you may want to consider concrete kerbing and its benefits.

Root Barrier

One of the reasons that many people look for edging options in landscaping is to cut back on roots spreading. Though landscape timbers may be an option, they can tend to allow roots to get past them and even give them something natural to latch onto and grow. With that in mind, concrete does not offer this natural hold and can be poured into the ground to give a solid root barrier with further depth than a traditional landscaping timber can reach. This means you can use the concrete kerbing around your home, gardens and driveways to prevent any type of root from spreading and possibly damaging your walkways or pipes.

Purchase in Segments

There is a misconception that you can only have concrete kerbing placed in one long piece. The truth is, you can purchase prefabricated segments of concrete kerbing to fit your needs for not only length, but also depth and width. Some of the segments even have concrete decorating or stamping to help add to your curb appeal. This means you can mix and match, create a flowing pattern for your landscaped area and make the outside landscaping design something more personalised as well as functional.

Ease of Maintenance

When you use traditional landscaping edging methods you may have to maintain them with different weather sealing treatments as well as replacement on a routine basis. This may be a seasonal replacement if you are using flowers, or it may be every few years if you are using traditional timber edging. With concrete kerbing and edging, you can have the concrete sealed when it is placed. This seal may be reapplied on a routine basis, but beyond that all you need to worry about is cleaning the concrete when you notice a buildup of dirt or debris. This can be considerably less maintenance than traditional edging and kerbing options.

By keeping these benefits in mind, you can make a more educated choice between concrete options and other landscape edging for your home.